Train from prague to passau

Train from prague to passau

How do I get from Prague to Passau?

Prague to Passau by train The train from Prague to Passau is operated by Deutsche Bahn, with train tickets from Prague to Passau costing €25-74 on average for the 6 hour trip. It’s important to note that there are no direct trains from Prague to Passau , and each trip will transfer at least once.

How far is Prague from Passau Germany?

The distance from Prague to Passau by train is approximately 113 miles ( 182 km ).

How do you get to Passau Germany?

The nearest airport to Passau is Linz (LNZ). However, there are better options for getting to Passau . You can take a train from Munich (MUC) to Passau via Landshut(Bay)Hbf in around 2h 35m.

How long is train from Prague to Venice?

The average journey time by train between Prague and Venice is 18 hours and 6 minutes, with around 13 trains per day.

How do I get from Munich to Passau?

From Munich Airport take bus 635 to Freising (18 minutes) and from Freising the direct Regional Express (RE) train to Passau . (It is also possible to reach Freising from the airport by S-Bahn train but it requires two transfers for no time or price advantage.)

How far is Passau from Munich?

The distance between Munich and Passau is 145 km . The road distance is 190.1 km .

Is Passau worth visiting?

Passau is charming and it would be a good choice. I arrived in Passau by boat, but it certainly worth visiting . Lots of history, shopping, and good beer. Also a wonderful baroque cathedral.

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What is Passau known for?

Passau is notable for its gothic and baroque architecture. The town is dominated by the Veste Oberhaus and the Veste Niederhaus, both parts of the former fortress of the Bishop, on the mountain crest between the Danube and the Ilz. Tourism in Passau focuses mainly on the three rivers, the St.

Is the train ride from Prague to Vienna scenic?

Traveling the scenic route from Vienna to Prague is a great experience in itself, and it is the most convenient option: It is a fast, reliable and comfortable connection between the two cities. Vienna and Prague are connected by the modern, high-speed Railjet trains .

How long is train from Prague to Croatia?

It takes an average of 13h 39m to travel from Prague to Zagreb by train , over a distance of around 304 miles (489 km). There are normally 5 trains per day travelling from Prague to Zagreb and tickets for this journey start from €37.90 when you book in advance.

How much does train from Prague to Vienna cost?

Prague to Vienna Train Cost

Booking Period Average Price
1 Day in Advance $35.71
1 Week in Advance $24.55
2 Weeks in Advance $26.00
1 Month in Advance $23.73

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