Prague school of rehabilitation

Prague school of rehabilitation

What is DNS chiropractic?

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ( DNS ) uses the approach in which every purposeful movement is reinforced by the coordinated activity of segmental postural stability. If one muscle is dysfunctional (weak), the entire stabilizing function is disturbed and the quality of the movement is compromised.

What is DNS physical therapy?

Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization training ( DNS ) can be used to rehabilitate the injured and can be used to optimize the movement of the athlete to prevent injury. The DNS method is the only therapy that focuses on improving spinal stability and motor control acting directly on the Central Nervous System.

What is DNS dynamic neuromuscular stabilization?

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ( DNS ) is an assessment and treatment modality in physical therapy, chiropractic and personal training fields. DNS works by stimulating the central nervous system to retrain the neurophysiological aspect of the locomotion system.

What is developmental kinesiology?

This article will use a global approach, via Developmental Kinesiology , to train muscles through purposeful movements. The basis of DNS is on developmental kinesiology ; that in early childhood your movement pattern is automatic, predictable, and genetically formed as the nervous system matures.

What are the three levels of motor control?

2011 Motor Control control of voluntary movements has three stages : planning, initiation and execution, which are performed by different brain regions. the planning of a movement begins in the cortical association areas, while the actual initiation of the movement occurs in motor cortex.

What is motor control kinesiology?

Motor control is a complex process involving the coordinated contraction of muscles due to the transmission of impulses sent from the motor cortex to it’s motor units. It is “the process of initiating, directing, and grading purposeful voluntary movement” (physiopedia)

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