Prague main train station

Prague main train station

Where is the main train station in Prague?

Praha hlavni nadrazi is the main train station in Prague. It is the busiest railway station in the Czech Republic . The station is 5 minutes walk from Wenceslas Square and 15 minutes from the Old Town Square. Praha hlavni nadrazi opened in 1871.

How many train stations are there in Prague?

There are four big train stations in Prague where all the important trains start or end their journeys: Main train station (Hlavní nádraží) – the biggest and busiest train station in Prague situated directly in the city centre.

Is Prague train station safe?

Prague has one main station , Prague Hlavni – Hlavni means main in Czech, it’s often abbreviated to Praha The station is a perfectly safe place to be even late at night. It’s a through station , not a terminus – trains head north for Berlin, south for Munich, Vienna & Budapest.

How do I get from Prague airport to the train station?

To get from/to Prague Airport , please use the public transport bus lines 119 or 100. Thank you for your understanding. The direct connection between Prague Airport and Prague Main Railway Station is provided by Airport Express buses which stop directly outside the main railway station building.

Is public transport free in Prague?

Public Transportation to the Prague Airport Regular public transportation is the fastest and cheapest way to reach the city center. A 90-minute ticket costs 32 Kč ($1.46 USD) and is valid on all city buses, trams and the metro.

Is there Uber in Prague?

1. Uber Works Perfectly in Prague , Czech Republic . So far, Prague is the only city in the Czech Republic where Uber is available, but hopefully, other popular cities like Brno, Ostrava, Cesky Krumlov and Ceske Budejovice will soon follow.

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Is Prague safe at night?

The rate of violent crime is low and most areas of Prague are safe to walk around even after dark. Be careful on Wenceslas Square. It is usually packed with tourists and the crowds make things easy for pickpockets. There have also been cases of trusting “love-seekers” being robbed of all their money at night .

How many days do you need in Prague?

To really see Prague, it’s best to visit for four to five days . That will allow you to see all the main sites and get a sense of the city’s culture.

Is Prague easy to get around?

Public transport in Prague is cheap, efficient and highly integrated. The easiest way to travel into Prague from Prague Airport is by taxi. But once in the city and checked into your hotel, it is simple to travel around by metro and tram.

How long is the train ride from Vienna to Prague?

Vienna to Prague Train Information

Avg. Train Duration 4 hours 3 minutes
Train Ticket Price: 14 €
Trains depart from: Vienna
Trains arrive in: Prague
Distance: 253 km

Which train station in Prague goes to Vienna?

All Prague to Vienna trains are direct, depart from Hlavni Nadrazi train station and arrive at Wien Hbf . The Prague to Vienna train journey takes as little as 3 hours and 59 minutes to arrive in Vienna.

How far is Prague Airport from City?

The Prague airport is located about 15 km/9 miles from the city center . It takes approximately 25 – 30 minutes (40 minutes in heavy traffic) to reach the center by car and about 30 minutes on public transport (bus + subway).

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Does Prague metro go to airport?

Unfortunately there is no direct metro or train connection to the city, leaving public buses and the Airport Express bus line as the only budget transport options from the airport to the city centre. For the fastest transport to the city centre or the nearest metro station it is recommended to use bus route no.

How far is Prague from Brno?

While the time it takes to travel 115 miles (186 km) to Brno from Prague can vary based on specific dates, weekends, and holidays, the Prague to Brno train journey time is on average 2 h 26 min.

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