Flights from prague to dubrovnik

Flights from prague to dubrovnik

What airports fly direct to Dubrovnik?

Flights operate from London’s Gatwick and Stansted airports in addition to Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, Belfast international, Newcastle and Leeds Bradford. Airlines flying include British Airways, Croatian Airlines , easyJet and Jet2.

What European cities fly direct to Dubrovnik?

International Flights to Dubrovnik 2018 Dubrovnik’s Airport is at Cilipi. flies from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, London (Stansted), Newcastle and Leeds to Dubrovnik. Reliable Expedia is always a good first stop in checking for cheap flights to Europe.

How do you get from Prague to Croatia?

The best way to get from Prague to Croatia is to bus which takes 9h 10m and costs 800 Kč – 1 000 Kč. Alternatively, you can train via Vienna, which costs 2 100 Kč – 3 700 Kč and takes 11h 37m, you could also fly , which costs 2 000 Kč – 5 500 Kč and takes 6h 41m.

How do I get from Dubrovnik to Prague?

The best way to get from Dubrovnik to Prague is to fly which takes 4h 44m and costs 700 kn – 1.400 kn. Alternatively, you can bus via Zagreb, which costs 500 kn – 650 kn and takes 22h 25m.

What are the best months to visit Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is in May and June or September and October when the weather is pleasant and sunny. This makes it ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It is also less crowded at these times than the summer months of July and August which are high season and can be very hot, especially in the afternoon.

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What airlines fly direct Croatia?

Lufthansa flights Emirates flights Finnair flights
Iberia flights Qatar Airways flights Singapore Airlines flights
Air France flights Norwegian flights TAP Air Portugal flights
Air Canada flights Aeroflot flights Air Serbia flights
United flights Alitalia flights Czech Airlines flights

What is the best airline to fly to Croatia?

Lufthansa , Delta, United, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Swiss, Qatar Airlines, and US Airways all offer direct flights to Croatia.

Can you fly direct to Dubrovnik from UK?

Fly from London to Dubrovnik , the home of King’s Landing, in around 2 hours and 30 minutes. With direct flights to Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) departing from London year-round, and increased frequency during the summer, get ready to explore the sights of the Old Town and beyond.

Does Ryanair fly to Dubrovnik?

Ryanair will start flying to Dubrovnik on the 1st of July from Dublin and will operate this route twice a week. Ryanair has also announced flights , although on somewhat of a reduced schedule, for this summer to Zadar, Pula, Rijeka and Split.

How far is Prague from Dubrovnik?

The distance between Prague and Dubrovnik is 875 km.

How long is train from Prague to Croatia?

It takes an average of 13h 39m to travel from Prague to Zagreb by train , over a distance of around 304 miles (489 km). There are normally 5 trains per day travelling from Prague to Zagreb and tickets for this journey start from €37.90 when you book in advance.

How far is Croatia from Prague by plane?

The best way to get from Croatia to Prague is to fly which takes 5h 20m and costs 600 kn – 1.600 kn.

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