list of cities in czech republic

list of cities in czech republic

How many cities are there in Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, 606 cities and towns are registered in 2018, of which 27 are statutory cities.

What are the major cities in Czech Republic?


City Country Time zone
Prague Czech Republic Europe/ Prague
Brno Czech Republic Europe/ Prague
Ostrava Czech Republic Europe/ Prague
Pilsen Czech Republic Europe/ Prague

What is the biggest city in Czech?

In 2015, approximately 1.26 million people lived in Praha (Prague ), making it the biggest city in the Czech Republic .

How many states are there in Czech Republic?

Regions of the Czech Republic

Regions of the Czech Republic Kraje České republiky (Czech)
Category Unitary state
Location Czech Republic
Number 14 Regions
Populations 310,245 (Karlovy Vary) – 1,274,633 (Central Bohemia)

Which is the most beautiful city in Czech?

The most beautiful cities in the Czech Praha / Prague . Capital of Czech Republic. Český Krumlov . The most beautiful city in South Bohemia. Kutná Hora . Silver city. Litomyšl. City with a beautiful castle. Telč Town jewel. Nové Město nad Metují Pearl of the Kladsko border. Olomouc . The capital city of Haná region. Mikulov. The picturesque center of Pálava.

What language do they speak in Czech Republic?

The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. Spoken by nearly 11 million native speakers, Czech is classified as part of the Slavic branch of Indo-European languages. Although many people in the Czech Republic have a base knowledge of the English language, knowing a few key phrases in Czech will take you far.

What is Prague famous for?

Prague is famous for well-preserved castles, Baroque and Gothic cathedrals, medieval squares, dreamy bridges, nightlife spots, and a lively arts scene. It’s known for its centuries of history and cultural heritage, where the medieval heart of Europe can be felt in its cobblestone streets.

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Is Prague a rich city?

Prague is the seventh- richest region in the EU, according to new Eurostat data that ranks European regions by GDP per capita, a measure of goods and services produced in a region per each inhabitant. Prague topped Bratislava in this year’s rankings, while in the past the city came in behind the Slovak capital.

What Czech Republic is famous for?

The Czech Republic is famous for: Prague , the historic center of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Castles, there are several hundreds of castles, chateaus, and mansions in Czechia .

What is the second largest city in Czech Republic?

Located at the confluence of the Svitava and Svratka rivers, Brno has about 380,000 inhabitants, making it the second-largest city in the Czech Republic after the main capital, Prague , and one of the 100 largest cities of the EU.

What is the capital of Czech Republic?

What are the two largest cities in the Czech Republic?

Biggest Cities In The Czech Republic (Czechia)

Rank Biggest Cities in the Czech Republic Metro Population
1 Prague 2,156,097
2 Ostrava 1,164,328
3 Brno 810,000
4 Plzen 169,033

What race is Czech?

The Czechs (Czech: Češi , pronounced [ˈtʃɛʃɪ]; singular masculine: Čech [ˈtʃɛx], singular feminine: Češka [ˈtʃɛʃka]), or the Czech people (Český lid), are a West Slavic ethnic group and a nation native to the Czech Republic in Central Europe, who share a common ancestry, culture, history, and Czech language.

How old is Czech?

The present-day Czech Republic was first populated by Celts in the 4th century B.C. The Celtic Boii tribe gave the country its Latin name = Boiohaemum (Bohemia). The Celtics were later replaced with the Germanic tribe (around 100 A.D.) and the Slavic peoples (6th century).

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What nationality is Czech Republic?

Demographics of the Czech Republic

Demographics of Czech Republic
Nationality noun: Czech(s ) adjective: Czech
Major ethnic Czech 64.3% (2011)
Minor ethnic Moravian 5% Slovak 1.4% other 1.8% unspecified 27.5% (2011)

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