czech superduo beads

czech superduo beads

What are SuperDuo beads?

Super Duos are a pressed glass bead with guaranteed size and dimensional stability. SuperDuo beads measure 2.5x5mm, with two .8mm holes . SuperDuo beads are not simply “coated crystal” but actual colored glass with many coating options: Transparent, Opaque, Matte, Color Lined, Picasso, Luster, AB Coating & Magic Line.

What are Preciosa beads?

PRECIOSA ORNELA is the manufacturer of the widest range of glass seed beads in the world. One of the most popular color decorations is Solgel. This involves a color range of up to thirty shades in three various levels of opaqueness.

What are size 6 beads?

Seedbeads – Japanese seedbeads – Miyuki

Bead size (aught) Beads Per Inch Bead Size
11/0 17 2.2mm
8/0 11 3.0mm
6 /0 8 3.7mm
6 /0 metal bead 3mm

Where are Czech beads made?

Zásada is located in the region of Jablonec nad Nissou, the epicenter of Czech glassmaking. From this village, Czech glassmakers first expanded their trade, exporting glass beads around the world. Today, Czech glass is primarily produced by the renowned manufacturer Preciosa in high-tech, industrialized bead factories.

How do you use SuperDuo beads?

Add two beads from the Warm Metals Designer Seed Bead Blend onto each side of the thread. Then, add one SuperDuo 2-hole opaque Picasso turquoise seed bead to both threads. String one seed bead onto each end of the thread, followed by one SuperDuo . Repeat until your bracelet is the desired length.

What are Matubo beads?

Matubo Czech glass seed beads are a pressed glass that competes with Japanese uniformity in size and shape, With A nearly zero percent defect rate. By pressing the glass they are able to get a Large hole and thinner walls that allows more thread passes and more room for creativity.

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What is the difference between Toho and Miyuki seed beads?

Miyuki & Toho beads are a bit more rounded, with large holes. Matsuno beads tend to be taller (hole to hole) than they are around which makes them look a bit cylindrical. Delicas are a different shape and substantially smaller than the same “size” seed beads .

Which seed beads are best?

Delica beads have long been the most popular seed beads for bead -weaving because of their precise size, shape, and consistent hole size.

What is a Toho bead?

TOHO seed beads are precision-made Japanese seed beads that are among some of the finest in the world. The color and size consistency of TOHO beads makes bead weaving, looming, and stringing projects easy and beautiful every time.

What are the smallest beads?

The smallest beads in the world are probably the Mangalsutra beads. Traditionally, these tiny glass seed beads are made by hand in small workshops in India. Strands of these beads are tied by the groom’s family and given to the bride to be worn throughout her married life.

What are the smallest seed beads?

The most common ​aught sizes you will find at bead shops and online are 15/0 (the smallest ), followed by 11/0, 10/0, 8/0, and 6/0. Size 6 is the largest seed bead and is often called an ‘E’ bead .

How do you size beads?

Line up each bead as if stringing tightly. Count the number of millimeters of the 10 beads to measure . Divide this measurement by 10. This is how you determine the size of each bead using a regular ruler.

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What is a Picasso bead?

Picasso . A luster coating that appears more speckled and spotty; giving beads a natural, earthy appearance. The color can vary from light yellow to dark brown with underlying color variations. Some base bead colors, such as opaque beige, blue, or white allow the picasso finish to take on a raku pottery look.

What is glass beads made of?

Glass beads are made of silica and other minerals melted at a high temperature to form a thick, viscous liquid. The liquid is molded into the desired shape and hardens as it cools.

What are Czech crystals?

What is Czech Crystal ? Czech Crystals are also manmade lead glass crystals but they come from manufactures based out of the Czech Republic. Czech crystal production has been in Europe for hundreds of years and European standards demand that, to be called Czech crystal , the crystal must have at least 24% lead content.

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