czech shepherd for sale

czech shepherd for sale

How much are Czech German shepherds?

Czech shepherd puppies may cost around $500 to $1500 each. This will be the standard rate for this breed although other prices may differ, but not that much . Regardless, they have the same price as standard German shepherds .

How big do Czech German shepherds get?

Appearance of the Czech German Shepherd While considered a large breed, the general size of the breed type may be smaller with males reaching 24” to 26” at the shoulder and 66 to 68 pounds, while females grow to be 22” to 24” and 49 to 71 pounds.

What is the difference between a Czech shepherd and a German shepherd?

Czech shepherds are generally a bit lighter in color than their East German counterparts. Czech shepherds are usually a bit heavier, they’re a bit bigger, and they’re more muscular. Czech shepherds originated closer to the German / Czech border, whereas the East shepherd actually originated in East Germany and Russia.

What is a DDR Shepherd?

East German Shepherds originate from the Deutsche Demokratische Republik or “ DDR ” (1949-1990). DDR dogs have a strong, solid, lean, muscular body, heavy bone construction and a large massive head. They have deep dark pigmentation and are not as angulated as West German show dogs.

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