czech republic syrian refugees

czech republic syrian refugees

How many refugees are in the Czech Republic?

Czech Republic refugee statistics for 2019 was 2,058.00, a 5.86% decline from 2018. Czech Republic refugee statistics for 2018 was 2,186.00, a 38.94% decline from 2017. Czech Republic refugee statistics for 2017 was 3,580.00, a 1.76% decline from 2016.

Which European country has taken the most Syrian refugees?

Last year alone, European Union countries took in more than 96,000 people from Syria, roughly a third of the asylum seekers tracked in 2018 by the EU statistical office, Eurostat. The bulk went to Germany , which in 2018 granted protected status to nearly 67,000 Syrians.

Which European country is best for refugees?

Spain eclipses Germany as top destination for asylum-seekers: report. New figures show refugee arrivals to the Mediterranean country outnumbering those in Germany , thanks to asylum-seekers from Latin America.

Where do most Syrian refugees live?

93.7 percent of the 6.7 million Syrian refugees who have fled to neighboring countries live in urban settings, not refugee camps. The vast majority of Syrian refugees live in host communities in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

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